Senin, 07 November 2011

While You Are Away...

While you are away…..

I don’t know what to do
While you are away
For I am missing you
Missing you this much
Yet  I know its  distance that makes us apart

While you are away…
I am here lonely and sad
Embracing the feelings
Of having you yet so far from you..

While you are away…
I am here touching my heart
Telling her not to worry
For I know your thoughts are here with me

While you are away
I think I am lost
Yet I need to fill up the emptiness
That surrounds me
With your kisses and hugs
Sent through the stars

While you are away…
Look up the sky
See how many stars are there
And If the sky run out of the stars
Then its your fault, you have sent them all to me…

Sweetheart…..While you are away…..

 Created by : Daisy